We Adapt New Technology

To create cost effective
innovative/patented products

Nupur Technologies designs, develops, manufactures, and markets products to make medical practices more efficient. Our products focus on making patient treatment more comfortable, more effective, and easier to perform.

We are a manufacturing company

Introducing breakthrough products into the medical market

Nupur Technologies, LLC is a medical device company, whose mission is to design, develop and market new, patented, cost effective technologies in the medical device field. Based in Buffalo New York, we draw upon the rich tradition of manufacturing excellence in the region. Our expertise includes assembly, testing, automation, US and international standards compliance, and outstanding customer support to ensure every product exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and administrative sophistication ensure our products and processes provide superior value.

Latest Product

Earigator™ - Cerumen Management System

Designed by an Otologist, the Earigator™ combines the functions of an otoscope and irrigation into one, providing the most advanced means of cerumen control.

Fully automated temperature and pressure controls make the Earigator™ a safe and highly effective ear wax removal system.

  • Fully automatic temperature and pressure controls
  • Non-physician, one person operation
  • 3-5 minute procedure with maximum safety
  • LED illumination with magnification
  • System always on standby
  • Highly effective and pain free

   Earigator™ Brochure             Earigator™ Manual

Our History

What sets us apart

At our core is a foundation of engineering excellence, with a staff of doctoral, masters and bachelors talent. Our team has nearly a century worth of experience in the development and engineering processes required to successfully manufacture medical devices and support their release into a worldwide market. We have successfully developed hundreds of products, both mass produced, and custom designed for individual applications. These products have found widespread use in over 120 countries worldwide for over four decades.